31 May Public Liability Insurance for Public Sector Contracts

Public Liability Insurance for Public Sector Contracts


If your business is looking to secure contracts in the public sector, you will doubtless need to be able to provide evidence that your business is protected by an appropriate public liability insurance policy.

Of course, the public sector will want you to be able to demonstrate that you have suitable expertise, experience and vision for the job you are being contracted to perform, but ultimately all these things are meaningless if you cannot also demonstrate that you have public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance is an important statement because it goes some way to demonstrating the following things:

  • Health and safety issues are on your business’s radar.
  • You carry out risk assessments.
  • Public safety is a priority for your business.
  • You are looking to develop a long-term business relationship.


An example

You are a construction contractor and have been asked by the local authority to perform essential maintenance and modernisation work on a building that is used for youth support services. The local authority will look to ensure that all service users as well as staff and visitors are safe and protected throughout the duration of your works. This means that as well as conducting a risk assessment and having a health and safety plan in place to protect against accidents, you will also need to provide proof that your construction business is covered in the event of the unforeseen.

Public liability insurance for your business

If you want to give the public and your clients confidence in your business, it is essential that you have suitable public liability insurance in place as part of your business insurance cover.

Tredstone can help you ensure that you have confidence and your clients have trust. Contact us today for a public liability insurance quote.

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