Effective cover for Cleaners and cleaning services firms


When running a cleaning service, there are, as with every business, certain risks that need to be taken into consideration. These risks, if left unaccounted for, can lead to costly losses that may have a devastating effect on your firm. This is why you will need to ensure that your cleaning company is left in pristine condition by having the proper business liability insurance in place.


For example, one of the most important products you will need as a cleaner is public liability insurance. This will protect you against claims made by the public, such as in the event that an occupant of the building you are working in is badly injured due to your equipment or actions – perhaps if someone on the premises slips on a wet floor that you have been mopping. Other instances include the accidental damaging of expensive items in an office or a home while you are cleaning, such as computers or a precious antique.


Although choosing the right types of cover to protect you and your staff completely may seem complex, Tredstone can help to blow away the cobwebs and give you a crystal clear idea of what sort of insurance is best for your business.


Cover that you can trust


At Tredstone, we are business insurance specialists. This means that we know what your company needs when it comes to getting the appropriate cover at a great price. No matter the size of your cleaners business, we will help you shape a policy that is unique to you, taking into account of all the risks that you face in your day-to-day operation and making sure every area is protected.


This includes helping you find the following:

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Professional indemnity insurance

Tools and equipment cover

Loss of keys cover

Whatever the size and nature of your business


Tredstone brings its brand of friendly, efficient and effective business insurance service to shops of all sizes and natures, so, whether you are a one-man-band trading from a small kiosk or a much larger enterprise working across multiple locations with multiple employees, we can help you safeguard your future.


If you are retailer, we’ve got you covered. The following is just a sample of the types of business insurance for shops we can help you with:


  • Newsagents
  • Convenience stores
  • Book, music and entertainment shops
  • Toy shops
  • Clothes shops
  • Shoe shops
  • Electronics shops
  • Hardware and DIY shops
  • Outdoor and leisure shops
  • Chemists and cosmetics shops


Convenience, confidence and cost-effectiveness


If you are looking to update your cover because it is due for renewal or because your situation has changed or perhaps you simply have some queries regarding your requirements, Tredstone’s specialists can help you ensure that your shop or retail outlet is protected by robust and reliable business insurance for shops that fulfils all your objectives.


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