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Insurance is a must for anyone hoping to set sail across the unpredictable and, at times, intimidating ocean of running a business. This includes those running a boat repair business or yacht chandlery, who may potentially face many risks every day.


These include the risk of someone getting injured while on your premises (such as in a workshop or chandlery). If this happens, it is entirely possible that they will want some form of recompense for their injury and make a claim against you. The same will also be true if, while working on their boat, you cause some unintentional damage that leaves their prized possession in a worse condition than it was before.


As a boat repairer, your tools and equipment are an essential part of your business, and if these were to be damaged or stolen, it would not only seriously hinder your ability to carry out your work but also take an unnecessary chunk out of your profits if you have to replace them. Your business may also be interrupted if something outside of your control, such as a fire or extreme weather conditions, causes a considerable amount of damage to your chandlery or workshop.


Instead of letting slipups such as these sink your business, you should reinforce your boat repair business or chandlery with insurance from the experts.


Covering commercial risk with Tredstone


Tredstone is a business insurance specialist, adept at matching businesses to the most suitable insurance policy for their particular needs. In other words, our team will help find you the most effective cover at the best possible price they can, making sure that the risks your business may encounter are prepared for and protected against. We take on board all of our customers’ concerns and circumstances, tailoring a policy that they can have confidence in, freeing them of any fears that a potential disaster will disrupt their business more than it should.


Maybe you’re a craftsman boat repairer or yacht chandler looking for a cheap insurance quote for your stand-alone business, or maybe you’re the owner of a much larger vessel restoration and supplies company with multiple staff working on different jobs each day. Either way, Tredstone has the knowledge and resources to find an insurance policy specially suited to you.


We can help make the long search for the right insurance much easier. Using our expertise and working with a network of leading insurers, we will quickly find you competitively-priced, efficient cover that will include some or all of the following insurance products:

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Goods in transit insurance

Tools and equipment cover

Contract works cover

Loss of money insurance

Professional indemnity insurance

Products liability insurance

Business interruption cover

Start your voyage to more reliable business insurance today


So, for comprehensive cover at a cost-effective price, the Tredstone team members are the people to talk to.


We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a friendly and efficient service that will put insurance-related worries to rest for good. We want to ensure that no matter how stormy the waters are ahead, your business will not capsize.


For added reassurance, if any unfortunate incident does ever happen then we will be on hand to support you with professional advice and claims assistance.


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