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All businesses need to be safeguarded with an effective insurance policy so that they can be run free of the worry that one little slip up could spell disaster for the whole company. This is especially true for trades were there is a great deal of risk to both the workers and the public around them, such as scaffolders and scaffolding services.


Working so high up is fraught with hazards that could potentially affect the workers on the scaffolding and those passing on the street down below. A falling scaffolding pole or piece of building material or equipment could have very serious consequences if they hit passers-by, or they could also cause a severe amount of property damage to a nearby building. Operating at height means that scaffolders, and the workers who then use the scaffolding, are faced with danger on a daily basis, as any fall from the platform could be fatal.


If your scaffolding business is not well-prepared for the ensuing compensation claims that are likely to accompany such accidents, it will no doubt suffer huge financial losses – losses that you, as the owner, will have to try and make up for out of your own pocket. This is why making sure you have the right form of cover to protect you when things go wrong is an indispensable step when setting up your business.


Safe and secure business insurance from Tredstone


But if trying to clamber up the long ladder to perfect business insurance is enough to make you dizzy, get in touch with Tredstone and let us do all the hard work for you.


Tredstone is a business insurance specialist, providing reliable insurance products to a varied clientele consisting of all sorts of businesses, big and small, from many different sectors. We are confident that our team will be able to get you all the necessary cover that you require, tailoring a cost-effective quote that takes all of your specific risks into account.


No matter the size of your scaffolding company, Tredstone will help you find the most suitable insurance products, including the following:

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Professional indemnity insurance

Tool and equipment cover

Contract works insurance

Business interruption cover

Scale the heights of scaffolders’ business insurance


For a friendly, efficient, and reliable service, get in touch with the Tredstone team today. Our members will apply their wealth of knowledge and expertise to assist you whatever your concern. We appreciate how difficult choosing the right insurance policy can be, which is why we pride ourselves on providing an excellent service to make the process as simple for you as possible.


And if a claim is ever made against you or you need to make one yourself for loss of tools or business interruption, we will always be on hand to help with our professional advice and guidance.


So, whether you want to get a quote for a new policy, update your existing cover, or just have a chat about how best to protect your scaffolding business against all potential commercial risks, click on the button below or give us a call on 0800 2315 162.

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