Resilient, reliable cover for courier firms


As a courier or owner of a courier firm, there are many potential pitfalls that you or your workers could stumble across if you’re not careful. Without the right precautions in place (i.e. a solid insurance policy), the financial consequences of any mishaps could be devastating.


Since your whole business revolves around looking after other people’s items in transit, there is the obvious danger of goods being lost or damaged while being transported. Your van may also be a prime target for thieves, who know that your stock could be valuable. Goods in transit cover is a safe way of financially protecting yourself against any breakages or stolen goods while on the road.


You may also cause injury to a member of the public through carelessness, perhaps by leaving a parcel is an ill-considered spot that a passer-by then trips over. They could possibly blame any injury sustained on your negligence and make a compensation claim. Public liability insurance will help settle such claims without requiring you to reach into your own pockets.


Just as many people rely on you to deliver their parcels with efficiency and care, you will similarly need to rely on an effective insurance policy that will allow you to operate with confidence.


Tredstone, a liability insurance specialist, can help you to be free of the worry that an incident during your travels from A to B won’t completely stop your business dead in its tracks.


Quality insurance – signed, sealed, and delivered


The Tredstone team has the knowledge and expertise to help courier firms of all sizes. Our members know a thing or two about finding the right policy – one that fits the client’s individual requirements at an affordable price. We work with a network of partners, which includes some of the UK’s leading insurers, to find the best option for you.


One of the main concerns that many business owners have when kitting out their company with insurance is what types of cover they should purchase. There are many different options to choose from, but Tredstone offers tailored policies to couriers, and has a thorough understanding of what particular risks affect their activity.


As a courier, you will no doubt be interested in acquiring the following:

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Goods in transit cover

Business interruption cover

You may feel that, even with the above products, there are still some dangers that you are left vulnerable to. If you are still concerned, why not give us a call to discuss more niche forms of cover.


Bespoke insurance that’s just a few clicks away


So, if you’re the owner of a courier service and want to find quality cover but without the hours of searching and comparing quotes, you’ve come to the right place. Tredstone will do all the hard work for you.


Once you get started on our simple online form, you will be a few clicks away from a cost-effective quote that will help put your mind at ease.


However, if you would prefer to receive service with the human touch, then you’re more than welcome to contact our team directly. Offering a friendly and efficient service, our team members will talk you through all of your insurance options. They will help you identify any commercial risks that pose a daily threat to your business and suggest the best form of cover that will keep you protected against them.


Contact Tredstone by clicking on the “Get A Quote” button below, giving us a call on 0800 2315 162, or by requesting a call back.

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