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Stock insurance with Tredstone


Damaged, stolen or lost stock can severely impede the profitability and smooth operation of a business. However, by having suitable stock insurance in place, it is possible to provide protection against these eventualities and to ensure that your business is ready to carry on should you face stock-related challenges.


Stock insurance with Tredstone


Unlike business insurance staples such as employer’s liability cover, public liability cover and professional indemnity cover, stock insurance is an optional extra for businesses looking to enhance their business contents insurance.


There are many examples of situations where stock insurance will prove useful. These include the following:


  • Your stock is stolen
  • Your stock is damaged by flood
  • Your stock is damaged by animals or insects
  • Your stock deteriorates due to another unforeseen circumstance


In all of the above situations, if your stock loses its sale value, you can make a claim on your stock insurance policy to ensure that you receive the cost price of the damaged or stolen stock so that you can retain both your cash flow and your business’s operational capability.


Tredstone, taking care of business


Tredstone is on hand to help you build the stock insurance cover that is right for you, whether you are insuring high risk stock, general stock or both.


Our advisors are based in the UK and can discuss all your business and liability insurance requirements so that you can achieve cover that is made-to-measure, insuring all your risks in a robust and cost effective way.


Whether you want to update your cover or would like a discussion of your insurance risks, we have the team in place to help answer your queries and give you confidence in your decisions.


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