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Coffee shops are a well-known lunch break hotspot for workers from all walks of life. If you operate a coffee shop on a high street, you are no doubt regularly visited by many customers on a daily basis. Because of this, there are a number of potential risks that need to be appropriately accounted for so that you can continue providing them with their much needed pick-me-ups without any worry, even if an unforeseen setback does occur.


When considering what cover your coffee shop requires, there are several key threats to your business to bear in mind. Dealing with hot liquids and an abundance of customers, for instance, could possibly lead to injuries on the premises, affecting either your patrons or your staff. In this case, you will need to be able to compensate any claims made against you, which is where having public and employer’s liability insurance becomes necessary.


There is also the equipment, such as coffee machines, that your service relies on. Therefore, the contents of your shop need to be insured in the case ofbreakdown, damage or theft.


Carefully crafted coffee shop cover


Normally, finding the right policy that fits your budget while properly safeguarding each and every one of your required needs can seem like a complex task. But Tredstone’s easy step-by-step quote form streamlines the whole process.


We have the expertise and resources to find suitable cover for coffee shops of all sizes. Working with a network of leading insurers, we will offer a bespoke service that takes all of your individual concerns into consideration.


As a liability insurance specialist, we offer the following cover in particular:

Public liability insurance

Contents cover

Employers’ liability insurance

Professional liability insurance

Products liability insurance

Buildings cover

Business interruption

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When it comes to our quote process, we take after the espresso: all the vital information you need to know is concentrated down into a quick, simple, yet highly-effective quote that will give you the boost needed towards obtaining ideal business insurance – minus the caffeine!


So, whether you wish to enquire about a new policy, update your existing policy, or discuss with one of our friendly team about your ongoing commercial risk needs, we are here to help.


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