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For many, running a guest house may be a labour of love but it also brings with it a great deal of responsibility. This includes the need to obtain guest house liability insurance so that your home (if it is part of the guest house), your business, your guests and any staff you employ are fully protected from the various risks inherent in running a business.


Why you need guest house business liability insurance


Unfortunately, conventional home, property and contents insurance is inadequate for the purposes of insuring a guest house.


As such, if you ever take paying guests in your home, even on an ad hoc basis, you should have specialist guest house business liability insurance in place to safeguard your finances.


Build a policy to suit your needs


Tredstone has earned its stripes by providing carefully tailored business liability insurance policies to its clients in the hotel, guest house, motel and bed and breakfast sectors.


Whatever your requirements, we are happy to take the time to get to know you and your operation so that we can formulate a policy that is built to protect your particular business.


Common policy arms for guesthouse business liability insurance include the following:


  • Public liability insurance – protects you from costs associated with claims from guests injured while visiting your premises
  • Employers liability insurance – a legal requirement for all guest houses employing one or more members of staff. Protects you and your staff in the event of workplace injury or illness
  • Loss of income (business interruption) insurance – protects you in the event of lost earnings caused by property damage, flood or fire
  • Buildings cover
  • Deterioration of stock


Additional factors to consider


Before purchasing guest house business liability insurance you may wish to consider a number of questions. For example:


  • Do you prepare and serve food on the premises?
  • Do you host events on the premises?
  • How many rooms do you have?
  • Do you have security arrangements in place?


The answers to these questions are all pertinent in establishing the extent and types of cover you will need.


Tredstone, for confident guest house protection


If you run a hotel or guesthouse, Tredstone and its network of specialist insurance partners can help bring confidence to both you and your guests by effectively safeguarding your operations.


Whatever your needs, we can arrange the comprehensive cover you need for your peace of mind and to protect your livelihood. Speak to our team about providing protection for your guest house today.

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