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No business is immune from risk and without the right protection a company may be in danger if something goes wrong. Those offering TV aerial services are no different, and they need to make sure they have a strong safety net in place in case their business ever falls on rough times.


All jobs that involve working from a height pose an obvious threat to both the workers and the people passing by below. If you’re someone who supplies, installs, and repairs aerials, then the person down below is likely to be a resident of the house you’re working on. The risks that are open to you and them include dropping a piece of equipment, such as a heavy tool or possibly the aerial itself, and hitting someone or something on the way down. You or one of your workers may also slip and fall off the roof. Such incidents have the potential to cause severe physical injury as well as property damage.


There are other accidents that, while not so serious in terms of bodily harm, can cause big financial problems for your company. If your tools are broken or stolen, for example, you will be hindered in your ability to carry out your work.


The bottom line is that these setbacks could all amount to a lot of time and money being wasted when you should instead be focusing on giving your customers the best quality of service. That’s why you need cover from the experts.


Get a clearer picture on cost-effective insurance with Tredstone


There are a lot of different options available when you embark on your search for effective cover at an affordable cost. At times it can seem like there are as many different types of insurance as there are TV channels. But Tredstone, a business insurance specialist, can help you select a premium package that leaves you with only what you want. Our team of experts have all the necessary knowledge of insurance products at their disposal to help guide you along your way to solid cover.


Well-versed in providing a friendly, effective, and efficient service to TV aerial suppliers no matter the size of their business, Tredstone will find you a quote for a tailored policy in no time. We realise that as the client changes, so do the requirements of the policy. No two businesses will require the exact same cover, and our bespoke service reflects this. Talking to one of our team members, who are all experienced in acquiring the right insurance products for a wide variety of businesses, will hopefully put whatever concerns and worries you have to rest, reassuring you that your policy is being handled by some of the most experienced and capable hands in the insurance sector. We also work with a network of some of the UK’s leading insurers to help find you the most suitable option.


Tredstone can help aerial suppliers find all the cover they need so that they never have to lose another wink of sleep again over having shaky insurance.

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Professional indemnity insurance

Contract works insurance

Products liability insurance

Goods in transit cover

Tools and equipment cover

Business interruption cover

Don’t forget to give our team a call in case there is anything you are not sure about in regards to the types of cover you should be purchasing and how exactly they will offer you protection.


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It’s time to change the channel to a more reliable form of business cover.


It’s our mission to ensure that our customers can continue running their business and not let down any of their valuable customers just because of a minor slipup. Accidents can (and often do) happen, but they needn’t create so much disturbance and financial uncertainty when they do.


So, whether you want to get a new policy for your TV aerial services or update your existing one, Tredstone is the way to go. Whatever the exact nature of your TV aerial-related service – whether you install, repair, or both – getting a quote with us is easy.


We aim to make things nice and simple. Our online quote form can be filled out in a matter of minutes, meaning that you’re only a few clicks away from finding a great policy that has been matched to you. But there may still be some things you feel you want cleared up before committing to a policy. In that case, you can also talk to one of our team members in person by giving us a call, and they’ll happily answer all of your insurance-related queries.


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