Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance


Tredstone is a one-stop-insurance-shop for UK businesses looking for quality business insurance cover at a competitive price. Whether you require public liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, or product liability insurance – or a combination of these – we can help you ensure an intelligent comparison of quotes tailored to your specific demands and requirements, all drawn from our network of partnerships with leading UK insurers.


Product liability cover


If your business is involved in the design, manufacture or supply of products or goods then you will require products liability insurance to protect you from personal liability for compensation claims arising from any injury or damage caused by defect, fault, failure in quality control, or any similar negligence.


This is true regardless of whether you provide products for a fee or do so on a promotional or charitable basis.


Cover for more than manufacturers


Although it is true that manufacturers bear the heaviest weight of responsibility for faulty and defective goods, there is a common misconception among some business owners that they do not require product liability insurance in respect of supplying the goods made by others. However, the courts consistently demonstrate that if you do any of the following, you may be found liable for the payment of compensation:


  • You repair, alter or refurbish a product
  • You place your business’s name or logo on any part or packaging of the product
  • You import the product from outside the EU
  • You cannot trace the product’s manufacturer
  • The product’s manufacturer has ceased to trade


Help with your product liability insurance needs today


Although product liability insurance isn’t a strict legal requirement for most UK businesses, the truth is that going without this form of cover risks total financial ruin in the event of a claim.


If you would like to discuss your product liability cover requirements and the risks associated with your business, get in touch with Tredstone’s specialist team of advisors today.

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