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Complete cover for small hotels


During successful periods – when the rooms are booked, you’re fully staffed and you are operating without accident or interruption – there can be few careers as rewarding as running a small hotel.


However, running such an enterprise can also bring with it a great deal of stress, expense and sacrifice. Tredstone can help you free more time and energy to get on with the essential and rewarding business of running your establishment. We do this by providing you with a range of quotes from our business insurance partners to help you effectively cover your hotel and its insurance risks.


As a business and liability insurance specialist, Tredstone can give you the confidence you need to operate with success. Our policies can be tailored to your specific needs so that you pay only for those risks that are relevant to your operation.


If you would like to discuss your aims and requirements, contact Tredstone today by clicking on the “Contact” tab at the top of the page so you can request a call back. Alternatively, call us on 0800 2315 162 or why not just Get a Quote!


The ultimate in flexible, tailored insurance armour


Tredstone gives you the power to build a hotel business and liability insurance package that is made-to-measure.


Common policy arms for hotels and guesthouses include the following:


  • Employer’s liability insurance – a legal requirement if you have one or more employees
  • Public liability insurance – peace of mind in the event of personal injury or property damage involving a member of the public
  • Contents insurance – protects your fixtures, fittings, furniture and more from theft, fire flood. Also protects guests’ belongings
  • Business interruption – protects you against lost income caused by business interruption
  • Financial cover – protects the money you keep on site
  • Buildings cover – protects your most valuable asset


In the event you need additional covers specific to the requirements of your business, – for example, loss of licence or goods in transit – Tredstone can help you ensure protection for your insurance risks.


Tredstone, for confident protection


If you run a hotel or guesthouse, Tredstone and its network of specialist insurance partners can help bring confidence to both you and your guests.


Whatever your needs, we can arrange comprehensive cover for your peace of mind and livelihood. Speak to our team about providing protection for your hotel today.

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