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Timber merchants can get properly covered with Tredstone


Timber merchants need business insurance – it’s as simple as that. Without reliable cover, their whole company may be in direct danger of collapsing as soon as an unexpected problem crops up.


If you’re a timber merchant, you will need to think about liability insurance in particular. There is always the chance that your operations can cause an injury to a member of the public or one of your employees, and if this happens, they may well make a compensation claim against you. A sturdy insurance policy will keep your finances stable whatever challenges you face.


But while finding that sturdy insurance policy can be tricky, it needn’t be with Tredstone.


All risks considered for your peace of mind


When choosing insurance, it is essential for every company that their policy is tailored to the demands and requirements of their business. Insurance that hasn’t been crafted around the company it is meant to be protecting may, before long, be revealed as unsuitable. Depending on the severity of the mistake, the effects could be devastating, bringing your business crashing to the ground as you’re left with nothing else to do but stand to the side and yell, “Timber!”.


This is why, at Tredstone, we don’t hand out the same generic policy over and over again. Instead, we focus on each of our clients’ individual circumstances. As each business is bound to be significantly different from the next, their insurance policies should reflect this, and we aim to fulfil all the appropriate cover needs across the whole spectrum of industries. To find out why we pride ourselves on providing a friendly, effective, and efficient service that helps all sorts of businesses, including timber merchants, get in touch with our team today so that you can obtain the right cover.


The Tredstone team comprises many insurance specialists who are dedicated to ensure your business endures any disasters that come its way. With a detailed understanding of all types of liability and business insurance, as well as access to a network of leading UK insurers, we have all the means necessary to find you a cost-effective policy that won’t ever let you down.


The following are types of cover that, as a timber merchant, your company is very likely to require. Remember, if you’re unsure about what you should be getting or how a certain insurance product will protect your business, give us a call.

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Product liability insurance

Stock insurance

Goods in transit cover

Tools and equipment cover

Business interruption cover

Don’t forget that you’re always welcome to give us a call so that you can discuss your options in more detail.


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If you want to ensure that your timber merchants stays upright through thick and thin, a quote from Tredstone is the thing you need.


Whatever the size of your company, we’ll get it covered.


So, if you need help finding a quote for a new policy, updating your existing cover, or figuring out what specific types of cover you require, get in touch with Tredstone today. We also offer assistance in hard times and can provide professional advice and guidance with handling a compensation claim, whether it’s one that has been made against you or one that you are considering making yourself.


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