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Barbers require business insurance that accurately caters to their needs. Here at Tredstone, a UK specialist in business insurance, we have the experience and expertise to help you ensure that you are able to find the policies that are right for you.


We work in partnership with a select network of leading insurers to help you cover all relevant risks from every possible angle.


Furthermore, whether you require an upgrade on your existing cover, a new policy for a new project, or a discussion of your insurance risks and needs, our UK-based team are on hand to guide you through the process.


Cover for all barbers


Whether you work from a single shop or are the owner of a successful chain of barber shop businesses, we can help you achieve the confidence and security you require to enjoy sustained growth and success.


Furthermore, if you work as a mobile or freelance barber, we can ensure that your insurance accurately reflects your particular needs.


Areas of expertise


All barbers should have public liability cover to provide financial protection in the event of a customer or shop visitor sustaining an injury as a result of a visit to your barber shop. Furthermore, those businesses that employ one or more employees will also need employers’ liability cover.


Finally, the following types of cover may also be advisable depending on your circumstances, the nature of your business, and the services it provides:

Products liability

Business interruption

Barbering tools and equipment

Contents and buildings insurance

Personal accident

Goods in transit

Money cover

Tredstone, specialists leading the way to quality business insurance


Tredstone is a one-stop-shop for all your business insurance needs. Whether you require public liability cover, employer’s liability cover, professional indemnity cover, product liability cover, or a specially tailored combination of these, we can help you achieve your insurance objectives.


To get a quote with us today, we simply need to know a few simple details, including the nature of your business, the number of people you employ, and your insurance claims history.


Whether you wish to update your barbers business insurance cover, purchase a policy for a specific project, or discuss your insurance risk requirements, speak with our specialists today.

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