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No matter how careful you are as an antique dealer, accidents always seem to happen, and if you’re unlucky, these accidents can develop into full-blown disasters that could possibly ruin your business. Therefore, it is essential that, whether you operate from home, in a shop, or at an auction house, the necessary precautions are taken so that your business doesn’t suffer.


If a customer slips or trips in your shop they may blame you for any resulting injury and decide to make a compensation claim against your business. There is also the chance that, since your establishment is full of expensive items, you will be a prime target for thieves. You will need the correct cover to protect your loss of income if any goods are stolen or if another misfortune happens, like a fire or extreme weather conditions damaging your place of work, that will put a halt to your business.


When you and your stock are on the move – a likely possibility if you regularly sell at fairs and exhibitions – you need to be extra careful. As someone who handles precious antiques on a daily basis, you won’t need us to tell you how heartbreaking a chip on a centuries-old artefact or the sound of breaking glass can be as you pack goods for a client. If valuables are damaged while in transit, you will need to have stock cover and goods in transit insurance so that it will be easier for you to recoup any financial losses.


When these interferences happen, whether they’re legal action taken against your company by someone else or an event that puts a halt to your operation, they can have a severely detrimental effect on your income – unless, of course, you have solid business insurance.


Reliable protection when you need it most


Tredstone is a liability insurance specialist, able to find the most appropriate, cost-effective policy for your antique dealing business. As experts who have been handling insurance queries and helping out with claims for a long time, the Tredstone team knows that the cover required by each company will be different. Without an exhaustive list of tailored insurance products that will protect you against commercial risk, your business may be open to damages. That’s why we offer bespoke policies that are finely-crafted with each individual client’s requirements in mind


No matter how big or small your antique dealers business is, we can help you find the following types of cover:

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Professional indemnity insurance

Goods in transit cover

Contents and equipment cover

Stock cover

Buildings cover

Business interruption insurance

We can also cater to other, more niche forms of cover. If you are unsure about precisely what you need, just give our team a call for an in-depth discussion about what will be best for your specific circumstances.


Authentic, cost-effective quotes to catch any antiquarian’s eye


Don’t worry: while we offer a service and policies that are in pristine condition, you won’t have to pay an absurd amount to get them. We work with a network of some of the UK’s leading insurers, which allows us to compare different policies and find you a competitively priced quote.


Tredstone’s quotes are the genuine article, ensuring that you remain on top of your business and don’t let any setbacks, no matter how problematic, devalue your antiques business.


And if an unfortunate incident does ever happen, such as if a claim is made against you or you need to make one yourself for business interruption, we will be here to offer professional advice and guidance to help you along the process.


So, contact Tredstone today to quickly find the most efficient way of insuring yourself against the unexpected. Click on the button below or give us a call on 0800 2315 162.

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