Groundwork and excavation

Business insurance for groundwork and excavation services


Construction and excavation sites can be dangerous places, what with all the large machinery and heavy building materials around. With the amount of hazards that are posed by such an environment, accidents can happen to even the most experienced and risk-averse of workers.


As a company offering groundwork and excavation services, you will need to be able to properly brace yourselves for such accidents occurring. Otherwise, the resulting compensation claims could potentially end up tearing your business down to the ground. Having the right business insurance in place will allow you to operate without fear of a nasty surprise taking up more of your valuable time and money than it needs to.


Possible risks to be mindful of as a groundworker or excavation contractor include the causing of any unintentional damage to the site or property around you. This could be the accidental cutting of a power line or damage to any other public utility mains. Although not a legal requirement, public liability insurance is your safest bet to ensure that you’re well protected from any claims made by someone who is negatively affected by your business operation.


If you’re the owner of a company that employs groundworkers, you are legally obligated to purchase employers’ liability insurance so that you will be able to sufficiently compensate an employee in the event that they are badly injured – possibly from being struck by a moving excavation vehicle. Then, of course, you will also need to insure the machinery itself in case it ends up damaged or stolen. Plant and machinery insurance is your best option for this.


Tredstone, a business insurance specialist, is here to help you clear out the mounds of coverage concerns, leaving you in the best condition to build your business up to the best it can be.


Lay the groundwork for solid business insurance with Tredstone


Tredstone will give you all the advice and help you need to safeguard your groundwork and excavation services firm with the right form of cover. Our goal is to find you a cost-effective quote on the most suitable policy for your business insurance.


As experts in finding tailored cover for each and every client, our team will assist you in addressing all of your individual requirements, no matter how niche they are. As a liability insurance specialist, we will offer guidance in finding the following types of cover in particular:

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Plant and machinery insurance

Product liability insurance

Tool and equipment cover

Goods in transit

Quality guidance from the business insurance experts


Getting a quote with us is could not be simpler – there is no need to move heaven and earth to find it. All you need to do is click on the button below to get started on the quote form or, if you’d rather speak to a friendly member of our team, give us a call on 0800 2315 162.


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