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As a tree surgeon or arborist, you will be trusted with operating equipment that can lead to some nasty accidents if it’s not properly handled. Owners of tree surgeon businesses will no doubt know that the correct safety measures need to be taken on site so that the possibility of anyone being injured, both employees and the public, is kept at an absolute minimum. But, even the most cautious of companies can experience the occasional crisis when a job doesn’t go completely to plan, and without the proper liability insurance in place to keep your tree surgeons business standing tall, the consequent financial losses could be enough to send it crashing to the ground.


Public liability insurance


A falling tree or branch could cause a great deal of property damage if it hits a nearby building or parked vehicle. The same goes for falling equipment – saws can be very dangerous when used at a height and anyone walking below or nearby could be at risk if correct safety measures are not put in place.


Employer’s liability insurance


If you are a business owner who has hired staff of any kind, it is a legal requirement to have employers’ liability insurance in place so that you are financially protected against any compensation claims they may make. This could happen is case an employee is injured from using a piece of equipment, such as a chainsaw, and blames you, perhaps because they feel that you failed to properly train them or provided them with faulty tools.


More cover options


There are also the tools and machinery themselves to cover in case they are damaged or get stolen. Plant and machinery insurance and Tools and equipment cover will safeguard your income if anything happens to your equipment and puts a halt to your work activity.


While this all may seem like a lot to consider, especially since the consequences of failing to properly insure your business can be disastrous, Tredstone is here to help put your mind at ease.


The business insurance experts at Tredstone make the potentially time-consuming process of finding the right policy at the best value simple and straightforward.


The whole gamut of tree surgeon and arborist risks considered


Every business will have its own set of risks to be wary of, which is why we don’t just specialise in finding one particular type of insurance. Instead, we will provide you with a bespoke, cost effective policy that will cater to all of your requirements.


Offering a wide range of cover means that we are able to ensure that all likely potential incidents are prepared for, leaving you to go about your business worry-free. No matter the size of your company, we will find a great-value, tailored quote for you. As a tree surgeon, you are likely to be interested in the following types of cover:

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Tools and equipment cover

Business interruption insurance

Plant and machinery cover

Contract works insurance

Expert advice and cost-effective quotes


Don’t let unexpected accidents chop down your business hopes and feed them through the woodchipper – find the most suitable policy for your tree surgeon business today with Tredstone (it’s easy!).


Our friendly, helpful team of insurance experts will be able to answer all of your insurance queries, giving you guidance and assistance in assessing what specific risks pose a threat to your business and what the best plan of defence will be to counteract them.


So whether you wish to purchase a new policy, update your existing cover, or have a chat with our specialist team about your ongoing commercial risks, give us a call on 0800 2315 162 or click the “Get A Quote” button below to get started on filling out the online form.

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