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Being a painter or decorator means that you probably have a good eye for detail. You can spot a dodgy bit of plaster a mile off and you have the skill to create a top-notch finish on any job required of you. At Tredstone, our attention to detail helps us create really effective business insurance, crafting tailored policies that combine all the elements you need to ensure you’re well-protected against any costly mishaps.


As your line of work involves you operating in people’s homes, there are protective measures you need to have in place, just in case of any accidents that could potentially leave you out of pocket. Paint could get spilled and ruin a piece of furniture or other precious items, or tins and tools left carelessly lying around could lead to an injury.


If your actions, or those of one of your employees, causes damage to the property or injury to a resident of the house, it is likely that will face a compensation claim. If you do not have the right business insurance in place, this could result in significant financial loss.


Luckily, Tredstone is here to see to it that you are not left vulnerable to the unpredictable risks that associated with your business.


Covering all of painters and decorators’ risks


Whether you are a sole trader or run a larger business that employs many painters and decorators, the Tredstone team can help you find insurance that not only provides secure cover but is also tailored to each individual demand of your company.


Claims made by the public, claims made by employees, equipment theft, and other unforeseen events that could put a stop to your business are all covered with the following:

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

Buildings cover

Tools cover

Business interruption

Goods in transit insurance

Renovate your insurance plan with Tredstone


Give your painters and decorators business a fresh coat of reliable cover with Tredstone, the business insurance specialists.


We pride ourselves on service that is friendly, efficient, and reliable, using our expert knowledge to solve every query the best we can.


So, if you’re looking for a new policy, want to update your existing one, or want a conversation about your specific business risks and what type of insurance is best suited to covering them, contact Tredstone today.


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