06 Oct Independent British Bakery Business on the Rise

Independent British Bakery Business on the Rise


Anyone who has spent time on the British high street over the past few years is likely to have noticed that there has been a huge rise in the numbers of independent bakeries selling bread, pastries and other baked delicacies to the nation.

There are various factors behind the rise – from renewed interested in sourdough and artisanal bread to the excitement created by the Great British Bake Off – and the figures are undeniable: according to one small business insurance company there has been a 48% jump in the number of independent bakeries in Britain over the last three years, with the strongest growth in the south-west (34%). Wales and Scotland (both 29%) and East Anglia (27%) are not at all far behind.

However, although the greatest growth in independent bakeries has occurred in these regions, the north is still the place to go for independent bakeries, with 866 serving the north-west and 858 in the north-east.

The figures, which have been derived from a detailed examination of 6,400 bakery business insurance policies, show that in 2018, there were 2,827 bakery business insurance policies issued, compared to 2,121 in 2017 and 1,467 in 2016.

Women (largely) in command of the oven

The statistics reveal that women have largely been the driving force behind the surge of independent bakeries, with female entrepreneurs responsible for the creation of 87% more new businesses during the three-year period than their male counterparts.

Bakery business insurance

Bakery business insurance is an essential tool for any independent baker looking to establish a sound and secure operating mode. From employers’ liability insurance to public liability insurance and product liability insurance, having suitable and sufficient cover in place is an imperative part of the process of getting off the ground.

Having a strong portfolio of baker’s liability insurance in place provides protection against compensation claims and effectively safeguards your interests.

Tredstone is a business insurance specialist and can help you find the appropriate insurance products for your needs. We do this while providing the best service possible.

No matter the size of your bakery, whether you own a small local shop or run a whole chain, we can help you today.

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