04 Nov Tradesperson’s Business Insurance Pain

Tradesperson’s Business Insurance Pain


A South Oxfordshire tradesperson has been left ruing gaps in his tradesperson business insurance after he was left £10,000 out of pocket as a result of the theft of tools from his van.

The unfortunate man, who works as a carpenter, plasterer and plumber, says that in the absence of adequate tradesperson business insurance he is currently unable to pay for replacement tools and struggles to see how he will work in order to raise the cash to buy everything he needs to make his business operational.

The tools – which included a circular saw, a jigsaw, a plunge saw, an angle grinder, a multitool, nail guns, drills and impact drivers – were in the man’s white Ford Transit when they were stolen from Henley during the night. He woke in the morning to discover that both the rear and side doors of his van and been crowbarred open and all the tools removed. Only their empty carry cases were left behind.

The tradesperson notified the police immediately and although forensics officers were able to identify shoe prints in plaster dust and a possible handprint, it seems unlikely that the stolen items will be reclaimed.

“As I was walking towards the van I could see the door was slightly ajar. My heart sank and I opened it to see that, as I thought, I’d been cleaned out,” said the tradesperson.

“This is the biggest kick in the teeth in a long time. They’d taken all of my cordless stuff and even my lunchbox, which I really couldn’t believe. It is absolutely devastating and I’m having to beg and borrow whatever is available to get by.”

Some of the tools taken even have sentimental value. For example, some were given to the tradesperson by his grandfather at retirement and some were bought as a goodwill gesture by his mum.

The financial impact of the theft and man’s inadequate tradesperson business insurance and tools cover is clear. “They might as well have stolen food from my kids’ mouths,” said the Oxfordshire resident.

The man has worked as a tradesperson for 21 years. He said that he was aware of another similar theft in the same area around a month previously. He warned that other tradespeople should be vigilant and not repeat his mistake of leaving his tools in his van overnight. They should also ensure that they have suitable tradesperson business insurance cover in place.

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