18 Mar Ceiling Collapse Serves as Public Liability Cover Reminder

Ceiling Collapse Serves as Public Liability Cover Reminder


The collapse of a ceiling at a caravan park in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, has firmly placed the spotlight on the need for public liability insurance in the holiday and leisure industries.

The accident, which resulted in injuries to 18 people, including one woman who was so badly injured that she required hospital treatment, happened in the entertainment lounge of the caravan park as assembled visitors gathered to play bingo.

Experts have said that holiday operators should learn from the incident as although many have adequate business interruption, employers’ liability and property damage insurance, others may have inadequate public liability insurance cover for their purposes.

Public liability insurance should be considered an essential requirement; not only for paying guests but also for the visiting friends and family of paying guests who may visit a holiday facility in order to enjoy certain leisure activities – i.e. bingo.

The business insurance requirements of caravan and holiday parks can be surprisingly complex. For example, many holiday parks contain both caravans owned by the operator and those that are owned by private individuals. In such cases it can sometimes be unclear who might be liable for an accident, particularly if the private individual’s cover contains an important hole or omission – this is why contingent liability insurance may be an important addition to the leisure and holiday operator’s portfolio of business insurance products.

Furthermore, public liability insurance should be considered as an absolute priority in the event that the holiday park has sporting facilities, serves food or alcohol or offers entertainment to guests and/or members of the public.

What you need to know

Public liability insurance cover can help you ensure that your business is covered against the cost of any compensation claims arising as a result of visitors, guests or other members of the public sustaining injury as a result of an accident or incident at your facility.

There are real risks in any setting, including in a holiday park, and purchasing suitable cover can protect the future of your business by covering you against all these risks.

Public liability cover can help cover you against the cost of compensation as well as any legal costs associated with the claim.

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